Roggermaier offers construction-LIFTs with different working heights for a time efficient lifting of loads. Moving companies, roof greening or dry constructions. With a fuel or electrical engine, almost every application can be realized. 

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24,00 m (Knickpunkt max. 18m)

24,00 m
 RSA 240 BDKRSA 240 BE
Working height24,00 m (Knickpunkt max. 18m)24,00 m
Vehicle load capacity250 kg250 kg
Width with outriggers standard (W x L)
Width with outriggers min. (W x L)1,28 x 5,43 x 2,10 m1,28 x 5,43 x 2,10 m
Min. size (WxLxH)0,90 x 4,40 x 1,60 m0,90 x 4,40 x 1,60 m
Weight1200 kg1200 kg
DriveGasolineElectric 230 V


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