Crawler- LIFT

Crawler-LIFTs combine flexibility with an excellent weight distribution. The technology allows an optimized behaviour in difficult ground properties, like stairs and grounds with high gradients. Due to very small dimensions, gates and passages in yards, as well as standard doors and narrow areas indoors are no hindrance. Indoor and outdoor usage is possible, depending on the drive technology.

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14,30 m

14,30 m

14,90 m

15,75 m

15,80 m

20,00 m

15,80 m

22,00 m

21,84 m

30,00 m

36,90 m
 RTR 140 AD V2RTR 140 AD V1RTR 160 AD RTR 150 TDERTR 220 RDE RTR 220 TDRTR 220 ODBRTR 200 ADRTR 160 TDRTR 300 TDERTR 370 ODB
Working height14,30 m14,30 m15,75 m14,90 m22,00 m21,84 m22,00 m20,00 m15,80 m30,00 m36,90 m
Height max.12,30 m12,30 m13,75 m12,90 m20,00 m19,84 m20,00 m18,00 m13,80 m28,00 m34,90 m
Horizontal outreach11,50 m10, 50 m12,80 m6,40 m12,00 m16,70 m12,20 m16,50 m11,45 m15,70 m14,20 m
Capacity250 kg250 kg260 kg200 kg200 kg227 kg200 kg250 kg227 kg200 kg250 kg
Platformsize1,82 x0,77 m1,90 x 0,85 m1,83 x 0,80 m1,20 x 0,70 m1,20 x 0,70 m2,38 x 0,85 m1,25 x 0,80 m1,80 x 0,75 m2,38 x 0,85 m2,38 x 0,85 m1,25 x 0,80 m
Platform length1,201,20 m1,73 m1,42 m1,42 m1,20 x 0,80 m1,60 m
Width normal2,85 x 3,85 m5,30 / 4,30 m (einseitig) / 3,30 m (minimal)4,43/ 3,00 m (minimal)5,24 / 3,15 m
Tailswing0,60 m0,80 m0,86 m1,24 m1,19 m0,87 m
Transport width2,30 m2,20 m1,74 m1,20 / 0,78 m1,60 m2,60 m1,98 m2,46 m2,291,58 m1,50 / 1,10 m
Transport height2,06 m2,30 m1,72 m1,99 m2,12 m2,73 m2,49 m2,55 m2,491,96 m1,98 m
Transport length7,70 m8,07 m7,56 m4,71 x 4,00 m7,10 m9,54 m6,42 m8,61 m8,50 m7,20 m8,10 / 7,40 m
Weight8.240 kg8.600 kg8.510 kg1,879 kg3.200 kg12.338 kg3.160 kg13.500 kg7.632 kg4.200 kg5.500 kg
DriveDieselDieselDieselDiesel + 230 VDiesel + 230 VDiesel Diesel + BatterieDieselDieselDiesel + 230 VDiesel, Batterie und 230 V
Crawler system Steal treadSteal treadSteal treadgum tread whitegum chainStahl KettenräderGummikette weissSteal treadSteal chain wheelGum chainGum Chain
Ground pressure driving mode4,75 N/ cm5,7 N/cm²6,00 N/cm²457 kg/cm²
Ground pressure working mode0,208 N/ cm 20 N/cm²8,30 N/cm²
Area with narrow outriggers14,30 m14,30 m15,75 m14,90 m22,00 m21,84 m15,80 m20,00 m15,80 m30,00 m36,90 m
Area with one sided wide outriggers
Are with wide outriggers


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