A compact, lightweight assembly machine, which can be handled easily.

Steady security for each assembly. Ideal for safe lifting of :

  •  Air ducts                         
  •  Air heaters
  •  Piping                            
  •  Steel structures
  •  Cooling equipment         
  •  Building materials
  •  Exhibition equipment       
  •  Event-Equipment
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6,21 m

7,50 m

7,50 m
 RML 75RML 75 HRML 60
Lift Height7,50 m7,50 m6,21 m
Lift Height, forks down (B)7,11 m7,11 m5,82 m
Capacity300 kg300 kg300 kg
Length forks (H)0,65 m0,65 m0,65 m
Length fork (I)0,56 m0,56 m0,56 m
Transportlength (E)2,00 m1,79 m1,79 m
Width chassis (F)0,76 m0,76 m
Width chassis incl. boom (G)1,80 m1,80 m1,80 m
Mastheight (C)2,20 m1,88 m
Transportlength (D)0,89 m 0,76 m0,78 m
Transportwidth (F)0,76 m0,89 m0,76 m
Weight (without boom)178 kg / 257 kg*182 kg165 kg


Headquarter Munich-Aschheim
0 89 / 90 50 06 -0