Truckmounted-platform < 7,5 t

This kind of machine is especially made for the European driving license C1 with a total weight of less than 7500 kg

The usage is easily learned after an instruction. The machines are flexible, agile and compact with a maximum working height of 31 meter.

Certainly you may revert also to the experience and technical "know-how" of our machine operators to ensure the execution of your project smoothly.

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12,10 m

15,90 m

15,90 m

20,00 m

20,65 m

23,00 m

23,00 m

24,00 m

24,50 m

25,00 m

26,00 m

27,70 m

28,00 m

30,60 m
 RTL 140 WI KommunalRTL 180 RA KommunalRTL 180 WI KommunalRTL 220RTL 220 RA KommunalRTL 250 RRTL 250 WRTL 260 BRTL 265 RRTL 270 WRTL 280 BRTL 300 PRTL 300 WRTL 330 R
Working height14,10 m17,90 m17,90 m22,00 m22,65 m25,00 m25,00 m26,00 m26,50 m27,00 m28,00 m29,70 m30,00 m32,60 m
Height max.12,10 m15,90 m15,90 m20,00 m20,65 m23,00 m23,00 m24,00 m24,50 m25,00 m26,00 m27,70 m28,00 m30,60 m
Horizontal outreach8,40 m*12,90 m12,50 m *17,40 m *17,00 m*17,10 m16,70 m18,50 m *17,50 m *19,80 m *20,00 m20,50 m19,50 m *20,50 m
Capacity1,20 x 0,80 m Kunstoffkorb300 kg (3 Personen)320 Kg (3 Personen)*200 kg290 kg**200 kg230 kg280 kg350 kg300 kg300 kg350 kg (2 Personen)320 kg320 kg (3 Personen)
Platformsize1,72 x 0,73 m2,00 x 1,00 m1,64 x 0,70 m 1,45 x 0,75 m1,85 x 1,00 m1,40 x 0,70 m1,66 x 0,85 m1,62 x 0,85 m1,70 x 1,00 m1,65 x 0,80 m1,62 x 0,82 m1,80 x 0,90 m1,60 x 0,80 m1,70 x 0,85 m
Width normal2,75 m*2,54 m2,55 m4,48 m5,10 m4,42 m4,504,67 m4,39 m4,88 m4,95 m5,01 m4,95 m5,30 m
Width one-sided3,45 m3,45 m3,45 m3,49 m3,85 m3,43 m ²3,40 m3,59 m3,46 m3,54 m3,74 m3,77 m3,70 m3,90 m
Width minimal2,50 m2,50 m2,50 m2,50 m2,55 m2,50 m ²2,50 m2,50 m2,50 m2,50 m2,53 m2,52 m2,50 m2,50 m
Transportwidth2,20 m2,54 m2,55 m2,50 m2,55 m2,50 m2,50 m2,50 m2,50 m2,50 m2,53 m2,52 m2,50 m2,50 m
Transportheight3,45 m3,48 m3,40 m3,33 m3,45 m3,16 m3,50 m3,26 m3,40 m3,45 m3,35 m (3,40 m)³3,45 m3,50 m3,57 m
Transportlength7,40 m7,88 m7,83 m7,70 m7,80 m8,00 m7,40 m7,80 m9,25 m8,10 m6,85 m (7,25 m)³7,90 m8,65 m8,80 m
Weight4.370 kg7.000 kg7.000 kg7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t7,49 t


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