Truckmounted-platform > 7,5 t

Our truck-mounted platforms with heights up to 70 meter and a maximum load capacity of 1000 kg are the access solution for fast working operations by means of latest technology.

These machines are suitable for varied operations due to a horizontal outreach of 39 meter and a variable brace support.

Our professionally trained machine operators will assist you in your work on-site.

On enquiry you can also drive our truck-mounted platforms yourself. (Attention: a European driving license CE is required)

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35,00 m

34,90 m

43,25 m

45,00 m

45,80 m

53,00 m

70,00 m

70,00 m

80,00 m
 RTL 350 BRTL 350 PARTL 430 BRTL 450 ARTL 460 RARTL 530 ARTL 700RTL 700 W2RTL 800
Working height35,00 m34,90 m43,25 m45,00 m45,80 m53,00 m70,00 m70,00 m80,00 m
Height max.33,00 m32,90 m41,25 m43,00 m43,80 m51,00 m68,00 m68,00 m68,00 m
Horizontal outreach30,50 m29,40 m26,30 m28,50 m *28,00 m38,00 m*32,00 m*33,20 m *33,20 m *
Capacity350 kg350 kg (3 Personen)350 kg300 / 600 kg600 kg (7 Personen)600 kg400 / 1000 kg ²300 / 600 kg ²300 / 600 kg ²
Platformsize2,00 x 0,82 m1,72 x 0,73 m2,00 x 0,80 m2,30 x 0,85 m2,42 x 0,96 m2,40 x 1,05 m2,30 x 0,85 m2,30 x 0,85 m2,30 x 0,85 m
Width normal4,90 m4,40 m5,00 m6,00 m6,45 m8,70 m7,92 m8,32 m8,32 m
Width one-sided3,80 m3,45 m3,80 m4,50 m4,55 m5,60 m6,63 m5,37 m5,37 m
Width minimal2,55 m2,50 m2,55 m2,50 m2,55 m2,55 m5,21 m ³2,52 m2,52 m
Transportwidth2,55 m2,50 m2,55 m2,50 m2,54 m2,55 m2,53 m2,52 m2,52 m
Transportheight3,75 m3,65 m3,90 m3,82 m3,96 m3,90 m3,92 m3,98 m3,98 m
Transportlength7,90 m9,38 m9,60 m9,97 m10,34 m12,00 m14,13 m13,65 m13,65 m
Weight17,65 t17.800 kg17,65 t18,00 t17,48 t26,00 t33,00 t33,00 t33,00 t
DriveDieselDiesel Four-wheelDieselDiesel Four-wheelDiesel Four-wheelDiesel Four-wheelDieselDiesel Four-wheelFahrzeugdiesel, Allrad


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