Trucks + Caddy

Roggermaier offers universal transport machines in different versions, like flatbed or dump trucks, as well as trailers. 

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750 kg

3500 kg

1385 kg

3500 kg

15 t

630 kg
 RTU TrailerRTU e-CaddyRTU Micro TruckRTU Pritsche Mini TruckRTU UnimogRTU Kipper Mini Truck
Total weight750 kg630 kg1385 kg3500 kg15 t3500 kg
Empty weight205 kg430 kg757 kg2178 kg2480 kg
Vehicle load capacity545 kg200 kg454 kg1322 kg5.31 t1020 kg
Transportlength2,25 m / 2,60m*2,81 m5,50 m5,80 m5,50 m
Transportwidth1,20 m1,74 m2,11 m2,50 m1,90 m
Transportheight1,74 m1,87 m2,13 m3,80 m2,23 m
Platformsize1,20 x 1,08 x 0,22 m2,04 x 3,67 m2,40 x 1,90 m1,82 x 3,62 x 0,40 m
Max. number of persons22333
Braked trailer load3500 kg3500 kg


Headquarter Munich-Aschheim
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